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Balance, Flow and Peak Performance
Maximise time and become more productive by increasing your focus.

Seven Lessons From The Waves
Leadership Skills learnt in the Surf

Dugald Christie-Johnston (The Barefoot Coach) shares the Lessons learned from a life spent riding waves in the ocean whilst navigating the peaks and troughs of a corporate life.

Leading Teams through Change
There is one constant in life – change. Lead yourself and others through it.

The E.Q. Effect – Use Emotional Intelligence to Unleash the potential in yourself and your team.
Connect Head, Heart and Hands and your Leadership will flourish.

Develop & Lead an OutPerformance Team
Take your team from Good to Great and Beyond.

Confront Confrontation! (Working with Monsters!)
Dealing with Challenging Behaviours in the Business World.

Promotion Time!
Now is the time for the next step in your career!

Connection Kings
Become a People Magnet and Use Networking Skills to Create your Future

Innovation Nation
How to think Fresh, New and BIG.

Magic Meetings
Run your best-ever meetings using seven simple Peak Performance Principles!

WholeBrain Thinking; Discover the Science & Master the Art
Maximise your performance by tapping into your greatest tool.

Live the Moment! Love the Journey!
Learn to love your work and your life, and live a balanced, fulfilled Life.

2012. Your Best Year Ever!
Prepare for your most successful year yet.

Psychological Capital & Signature Strengths
Develop the Human Competitive Edge within Your Business.

High Performance Coaching
Harness the Untapped Potential of Yourself and Your People.

Authentic Leadership
Discover and Develop your Leadership Skills.

It’s a War for Talent!
How to Attract and Retain the Best People.

Gen X + Gen Y =  the future of your business.
Unlock the potential in your Future Leaders.

World Class Communication
Unlock the simple secrets of Master Communicators.

100% Happy at Work!
Enjoy your job, Enjoy your life!

Killer Presentations!
Grab their attention and blow them away!

Leader as Master Coach
Unleash the Potential in your Team

Emotional Intelligence – Lead the Way
Connect Head, Heart and Hands and your Leadership will flourish.

Leadership in Tough Times!
From Survive to Thrive – Lead the Way

Authentic Leadership
Discover and Develop your Leadership Skills.

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