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Designed to unleash your untapped thinking potential, The Board Meeting™ is a unique, innovative, high-performance coaching program.

We’re creatures of habit. For most of us, only 5% of our thoughts in any day are completely new.
Our brains rarely operate anywhere near full capacity.

The Board Meeting™ is a coaching session that is carefully and deliberately designed to be different — to help you think differently.

It’s an extraordinary concept designed for extraordinary results. Designed to take you and your brain out of the Boardroom and into creative opportunity. Designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and into the learning zone.

The concept evolved when I was working within the walls of ANZ Melbourne circa 2005. At the time, several surfers worked at ANZ head office (The Gothic Building at 100 Queen Street) and we naturally gravitated towards each other. We wanted to find a way to surf during the week, and with the best waves at least an hour away, we needed to commit to some early morning starts.

By leaving before sunrise, and surfing through the dawn, we could be back at work before 9.00am. An unexpected bonus was that the conversation in the car was high quality, particularly so on the return — as was our performance and tempo for the rest of the working day.

Later, when I left ANZ to start my own business, I decided to leverage the concept of the “Board Meeting” and extend the concept to non-surfers as well.

How does it work?
The program can exist as a one-off, or as a series of sessions over several months (designed in partnership with the client).
It can be an incredible one-to-one experience, or an amazing team event (again, designed in conjunction with the client).

What happens during a session?
Each session is unique, as it should be, designed specifically to maximise the benefits for the client.
The basic framework is as follows:

1. The Download
Catch up, connect, debrief, reconnect, vent, converse…
Discuss recent success stories and challenges. Get things off your chest and clear your mind.
This takes place before you engage in the chosen activity…

2. The Ride
Engage in activities other than your usual work (Stand-Up Paddling, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Golf, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Walking etc.) in a location other than your office. Challenge yourself outside your comfort zone. The stresses of work are quickly washed away, and the damaging, negative hormone Cortisol is overwhelmed by endorphins, adrenalin and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). This delightful hormonal cocktail provides the perfect tonic for clarity of mind and creative thought.

Enjoy an extended period of mindfulness/single-pointed focus; providing an environment ideal for High Performance Thinking.

3. Future Design
Your brain has now been provided with peak performance conditions.

You’re now ready to focus on future outcomes. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques are combined with powerful solution-focussed coaching and Positive Psychology principles to maximise output. Prepare to be challenged and stretched to commit to next steps.

4. The Outcome
We provide an engaging and high-energy experiences, developing you from good to great and beyond… ensuring you are all you can be.
We focus on removing interference, re-energizing, inspiring, challenging and motivating you to take the next step.

Maintain peak performance and maximise your potential by engaging in a monthly session that provides a release, an energy shot and an opportunity for clear, creative thinking.

Determine powerful solutions that can take you and your team to the next level, and implement plans to fast-track you there.

For more information, contact us.

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