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Commercial / Professional Photography

Ted Grambeau is one of the most well travelled surf photographers. Over three decades of photographing surf action, travel, culture and extreme adventures in excess of 100 countries and territories, specialising in remote places on the planet with a passion for water photography – above, below and beyond.

Visit www.tedgrambeau.com and www.tedgrambeauphotography.com

Images in the Barefoot Coach website have been provided by Ted Grambeau and for part of the broader body of work know as Below Sea Level.

In the words of Ted…

“I want to bring awareness to one of the major environmental issues of our time through the medium of fine art photography.
Documenting the ocean at sea level has created a channel to introduce you to the issues of climate change through photography and as a member of the surf community I feel morally compelled to raise awareness in the only way I know how — through my photography.

The rise in sea level is not a single generation issue, but we are now at the threshold of a tipping point and this generation has the last opportunity to effect change before it’s irreversible.

As this project has evolved I’ve been able to reflect on the importance of sea level in my life, my entire existence revolves around it. Two years, 730 sunrises ago, I made a personal commitment to creatively document this silent change. A body of work that is designed to inspire and give rise to ponder, discuss and consider the effects we are having on our planet through our everyday living choices.”

Ted Grambeau Photography

Visit www.tedgrambeau.com and www.tedgrambeauphotography.com

PO Box 385
Tugun 4224 Qld


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